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Project Management

Even with sound planning, projects can encounter a variety of field conditions that can become unexpected stumbling blocks. Our project management team will oversee your project, whether it is large or small, working to minimize unexpected obstacles. Our team will ensure that the project proceeds on time and on budget by consistently delivering solutions that work. These services include:

  • Assisting in the planning and bidding process
  • Working with the client to select the proper professionals
  • Coordinating work between residents and contractors
  • Negotiating contracts and change orders
  • Monitoring and verifying progress and payments
  • Punch-list management
Orsid’s Project Management Team will be there to work with you from the conception of your project and will coordinate with the design team to determine the overall project goals with respect to user needs, quality assurances, schedules, and budget. During the planning process, we will identify and highlight the challenges of the project for you while offering sound solutions that align with established goals. We will then manage these objectives to ensure a smooth transition through to the construction phase.

Our approach to managing each project is based on providing a safe yet effective and productive environment. We take our responsibility as the Project Manager very seriously, placing ourselves in the client’s position to ensure that the overall quality, schedule, and budget objectives are met.  We understand that managing the expectations of residents and minimizing inconvenience is as important as the actual construction work.